The Global Derivatives Market Report

Presently, P D Wood is focused on the Financial Services Market. The Financial Sector is now the largest and most critical factor affecting the World-Wide operations of all Nations, developed or developing. All Governments, Financial Institutions, Corporations, Industry, Transport, Commodities, Agriculture and NGO’s are dictated by Finance. Never in World History has this situation been as critical as at present.
The largest, most important, and significant development in this regard, is the dramatic rise in size and influence of the newly developed Global Derivatives Market, now estimated at over $1,200 Trillion and 20 times global GDP. Derivatives now account for more than 70% of financial transactions, regulate every aspect of enterprise operations and impact every cost/profit model.
P D Wood is addressing this new revolutionary paradigm in World operations by preparing a blue print Report detailing every facet of the Derivatives market, their function, make up, operational use and a thorough education on correct employment. The Global Derivatives Market Report will guide every professional, executive and agent on optimum use and secure advantage in utilization of these radical and dynamic instruments to ensure safe maximum involvement, with empowered intelligence regarding structure and yield operation. Without this report, you cannot succeed in this new era of derivative finance and performance control.
Whether you are an executive in the financial and banking market, a corporation, or Government, you are now subject to derivatives. Every aspect of finance, operations, materials, sales, inventory, investing, profit and loss, of any enterprise worldwide is affected by the level and performance of your involvement in derivatives.

The World’s leading Experts and Professionals from Financial Institutions, Government, Industry and Corporations are presently collaborating globally with P D Wood to produce this urgently required Business Report. This is in order to address these urgent concerns: ensuring a cutting edge, knowledge based solution to this critical point in Global Custody, Operations and Governance; that now affects all Governments, Corporations, Industry, Global Enterprises and Organizations.


  • What are derivatives?
  • How do derivatives work?
  • Do you understand enough to employ them?
  • Which Financial Institutions should you employ?
  • To what extent should you employ derivatives directly?
  • Which professional agents should you employ?
  • How are they taxed, are they on or off sheet?
  • What fees should you pay if they are complex instruments, using offshore, multiple-institution, tax variable transactions?
  • Are you receiving your correct returns?
  • What aspects of your operations are affected by, and should therefore employ and fully integrate and utilize derivatives?
  • Are your financial and other operations subject to, reliant upon and determined by derivatives?
  • Are you employing and reporting derivatives correctly in the arenas of law, finance, governance, operations, tax, compliance, accounting and profitability?
  • Since derivatives are essentially unregulated, do you understand risk, custody and threshold enough to ensure safe use of them?
  • What technologies are available, and how are they employed?
  • What opportunities do derivatives offer to increase sales, profits, regulate and reduce costs, and, maximise cash, margin and asset gains?
  • What are the highest performance derivatives to use?
  • Which financial institutions have the best practice record to further your performance with derivatives?
  • What is the future in development with derivatives?
  • What are the full range of derivative types that can be utilised?

Without this Report, you will not be able to perform at an optimisation level necessary to survive the challenges that this new paradigm of derivative based finance and operations has created.

P D Wood is the appointed agent to coordinate this project. Our responsibilities are oversite, coordination, and the project’s management. Thus we ensure the Report’s content, integrity, accuracy of information and data, and control the targeted distribution to the World’s senior global executives responsible for the majority of derivatives use, decision making and selection: those principals responsible for the lion’s share of derivatives’ use and appointment.

The Global Derivatives Market Report will be compiled in the form of a 600-page, hard bound, White Paper Report; detailing all aspects of this highly complex and mostly misunderstood derivatives industry.

The Report will be distributed in August 2018 to the 10,000 senior executives in Finance, Government and Industry that create, decide, employ, utilize, supply, manage or control the majority of derivatives and their related financial instruments and operations.

Copies of the Global Derivatives Market Report may be ordered for £4950 upon publication.