P D Wood provides analysis services to Corporate and Government clients; complexity or scale of requirement is irrelevant. Any problem can be solved through our expert collaboration process. By assembling teams of worldwide practice partners and analysts, experts and professionals; solutions to client’s requirements can be delivered rapidly.

Analysis, data or intelligence information can be delivered via Practice Partner Analysts, our Consultants, Reports or Data. We will deliver, implement and facilitate, as required. Whether you require bespoke products or turnkey solutions, we will execute.
Analysis is a vital component to operations. Thought based Management or Operational analytics provide independent, unique and authoritative efficiencies unparalleled in normative environments: guaranteeing advantage, streamlining and excellence of performance that no other professional business solution can match.

Simply submit a request by email, or contact us directly for a consultation for advice, information or answer and P D Wood will supply a detailed quote to satisfy your request and deliver the complete solution.

Our Practice Partners operate worldwide, and we will assemble a unique collaborative team of experts to match each project’s individual complexities.

P D Wood Global Analysis is the World’s premier supplier of intelligence, solution based information. Developed in 1983, P D Wood Global Analysis has more than 30 Years of experience providing Executive Solutions to Government, Industry and Fortune 500 Corporations World Wide. P D Wood is the pioneer of Analysis as a necessary Professional Service to Government and Industry.

Paul David Wood, Founder and Senior Principal Practice Partner of the Worldwide leader in Large Scale Enterprise Analysis Services: P D Wood Global Analysis founded the cutting-edge Analysis Corporation: The Saringa Group in San Francisco, CA, leading the Company as its CEO, providing Analysis to Government, Technology Corporations and Utilities. He has formally held positions of CEO, Directorships, Board Member, Partner and Founder.

Rigidity of thought is the opposition to growth