Our Services

P D Wood provides professional business analysis services to Financial Institutions, Corporations, Government and Industry Enterprises.

Our expertise is critical information, research, due diligence, scenario solving.

P D Wood is a high end intelligence provider to large scale Enterprises. We offer modelling processes to actual or scenario client issues, providing qualitative solutions via Consultants, Data, Business Reports or Direct Partner Solutions.


Typically, global experts and institutional Partners will be our best practice methodology. Our aim is authoritative results, combined with integrity, ensuring analysis that delivers profitability, success, security, efficiency and results. Rapid response and deliverance teams enable fluidity, mobility and efficiency to solve client solutions to their urgent priority problems. Accuracy, efficiency and excellence is our objective for all your challenges and needs. Whatever the scale or complexity of your problem, we can solve it.

P D Wood delivers unique analysis solutions, we are not bound to client prejudices, we do not allow commercial partners or interests to influence intelligence or solutions, we remain unbiased, non-political and purely empirical. Thus, no financial or business partnerships impede the integrity of our data, recommendations or preferred solutions.


P D Wood has provided analysis, intelligence, management and project management in a diverse arena of market disciplines, including:

Aerospace, Manufacturing, Banking, Rail, Automotive, Transport, Materials Handling, Outsourcing, Utilities, IT, Nano Technology, Software Development, Publishing, Advertising, Food Services, Government: National, Federal, State and Local; Education, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Satellites, Defence, Law Enforcement, Public Private Partnerships, Power Transmission, Shipping and Port Operations, Finance, Banking, Law, Taxation, Legislation, Compliance, Retail, Trucking, UPS, eBusiness, eGovernment, Human Capital, Bio Technology, Medicine, Hospitality, Mergers and Acquisitions, Relocation, Investing, Inventory, Distribution, Trading, Training, Logistics, Operations, Materials Handling, Construction, Procurement.

Let us help you think outside the box.